Our culture & Transparency sets us apart

Our ABA Therapy Mission, Vision, and Values

Circle City ABA’s mission is to enrich and empower children with autism through applied behavior analysis therapy.

At Circle City ABA, our values are a big part of who we are, and they make us stand out from other ABA providers. ABA therapy should be a place where children can learn and grow while having fun at the same time. Our therapy center reflects this belief, and so does our team! Our staff is committed to our values of play, progress, and passion, bringing that dedication and care with them daily. When you come to Circle City ABA, you’ll see that our values are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision: A destination where children with autism will receive innovative applied behavior analysis treatment programs.

Our Values: Play, Progress, Passion

child throwing a ball to a an adult female, while sitting on the floor


The world needs a little more play. We have fun while we work! From our ABA Therapy gross motor room to our friendly staff, we make each day fun. When you walk through our center, you will see smiles, laughter and probably hear a few jokes. Nothing about applied behavior analysis is easy or perfect. But that is why Circle City ABA values play. Our ABA Therapy centers bring cheerful spirits and compassion to each day.


We design our ABA Therapy centers with each child’s progress in mind. Circle City ABA has created a playful space where your child or teenager can thrive. We are known for thinking outside the box to help reach your child’s goals. Our creativity shines bright, and we are continuously growing as a company and with the families we serve.

Indiana ABA Therapy child playing with blocks
kids coloring at a table as a BCBA smiles while she watches


Circle City ABA is family-owned and operated ABA Therapy company that is dedicated not only to providing the best services but to providing them with passion and love.  Our centers are bustling with family members and staff each day, united in their mission to bring children and families the best care available. Circle City ABA’s dedicated team puts heart into everything we do, ensuring that each family receives the attention, care, and support they need along their journey. We strive to ensure every family feels heard, respected, and supported in their search for a better future.