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Circle City ABA develops programs and services specifically designed with each child in mind.

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA therapy) is the most effective treatment for autism spectrum disorders aimed at increasing communication, self-help, and social skills while decreasing behaviors that interfere with developing these skills.

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Direct ABA Therapy

Delivered 1:1 by a Registered Behavior Technician (“RBT”), direct ABA therapy provides numerous opportunities to practice skills using a fun, child-centered approach with the support of an RBT.

The child’s treatment plan, written by their Board Certified Behavior Analyst (“BCBA”), guides the skills practiced during a direct therapy session.

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Group ABA Therapy

Group ABA therapy provides exciting opportunities for children to practice learning in small groups with direction from a skilled therapist.

Learning in small groups is an important foundation that helps us navigate different types of settings, like classrooms, airports, grocery stores, and restaurants.

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Social Skills

Social skills therapy seeks to prioritize interactions between groups of peers.

We offer children the chance to practice skills for developing and maintaining friendships in small groups. We have a variety of activities that help children learn important skills such as turn-taking, negotiation, problem-solving, and keeping others interested in the group. These activities include LEGOs, board games, skits, team challenges, and more.

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Parent Training

Parents and caregivers collaborate with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst throughout the treatment, discussing immediate and long-term goals important to the family.

The BCBA shares assessment and progress data while providing individualized, hands-on training to the family.

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Behavior Consultation

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst provides behavior consultations to assess the effectiveness of an individual’s treatment plan. The plan comprises short- and long-term goals created by the person’s family and treatment team.

The BCBA provides feedback to the child’s treatment team during consultations, directing all aspects of therapy to ensure maximal progress.

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After a thorough review of medical history and developmental testing, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst will select assessments that best meet your child’s needs.

These assessments show us the current skill levels and highlight the skills we need to focus on to achieve larger developmental goals.

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Circle City ABA is one of the leading Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy service providers. With a focus on delivering evidence-based treatment to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we offer a range of services catering to each child’s unique needs and their family.

In addition to providing direct ABA therapy and group ABA therapy, Circle City ABA also offers social skills training and parent training programs. These programs are designed to empower parents and caregivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to support their child’s growth and development outside of therapy sessions.

Circle City ABA operates in several locations across Indiana, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, and Nebraska. With a highly skilled and experienced professional team, Circle City ABA ensures that families in the cities we serve have convenient access to high-quality ABA therapy.

At Circle City ABA, the focus is on treating the child and working closely with the family to ensure they can continue supporting their child’s progress even after therapy ends. This approach has earned the company a reputation for delivering outstanding outcomes and compassionate care to families.

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