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Are you the parent of a child with autism? If so, you know how challenging it can be to find the right help for your child. Fortunately, an excellent option is coming soon to Center Grove, Indiana—Circle City ABA! Circle City ABA believes in nurturing progress through play with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy that supports the entire family. Read on to learn more about what Circle City ABA offers and why this could be an excellent fit for your family.

What is ABA Therapy? 
ABA therapy is an evidence-based practice that uses positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques to encourage desired behaviors and discourage undesired behaviors. It’s used to help children with autism learn new skills and develop existing skills, such as communication and socialization. Additionally, it can be used to improve behaviors like aggression, self-injury, or property destruction.

Why Choose Circle City ABA? 
Circle City ABA understands that when providing support for children with autism, it’s also essential to provide support for their families. That’s why they take a full-family approach from day one by providing education and support and being available anytime you have questions or concerns. They also believe in involving parents in the process and providing opportunities for them to participate in their child’s treatment plan.

What Makes Circle City ABA Different? 
Circle City ABA stands out from other providers because of its commitment to creating individualized treatment plans for each child based on their needs, strengths, interests, goals, age level, and more. We want each child to experience meaningful progress at their own pace in a safe environment designed around them. Our approach allows children to learn in large spaces and practice skills in real-time.

Circle City ABA is coming to Center Grove, Indiana, in early July 2023!

Circle City ABA – Center Grove
1777 W Stones Crossing Road, Suite 120,
Greenwood, IN 46143
Phone: 317-960-4047

Circle City ABA provides top-notch care through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy while supporting parents throughout their journey with their children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We specialize in developing skills such as communication and socialization while addressing behavioral issues such as aggression or self-injury. We offer unique individualized treatment plans tailored specifically around each child’s needs so they can make meaningful progress at their own pace in a safe environment—all while involving families at every step! To learn more about Circle City ABA, visit today!

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