Autism Resources in Iowa: Building a Supportive Community  

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Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder affecting millions of individuals worldwide, including many in Iowa. Families of children and adults with autism often face unique challenges and require support to navigate the complexities of the condition. Fortunately, Iowa is home to several outstanding autism organizations that provide essential resources, services, and support to these families. In this blog post, we will explore some of the remarkable autism organizations in Iowa dedicated to helping families on their autism journey.

Autism Resources in Iowa
  1. Autism Society of Iowa: The Autism Society of Iowa (ASI) is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by autism. ASI offers various resources, including information, support groups, and educational programs. They also host events and conferences throughout the year, providing opportunities for families to connect, learn, and advocate for autism awareness and acceptance.
  2. Autism Speaks Iowa: Autism Speaks is a well-known national organization, and its Iowa chapter actively supports local families. They offer a comprehensive resource guide, which includes information on autism services, educational resources, and a directory of autism professionals. Autism Speaks Iowa also organizes fundraising events and advocacy efforts to promote autism awareness and research.
  3. The Iowa City Autism Community: The Iowa City Autism Community (ICAC) is a grassroots organization founded by parents of children with autism. ICAC focuses on building a solid and supportive community for families in the Iowa City area. They organize social events, support groups, and educational workshops to foster connections and provide valuable information to parents and caregivers.
  4. Circle City ABA (Coming Soon): Exciting news is on the horizon for Iowa as Circle City ABA prepares to offer its exceptional autism services.  Circle City ABA is a well-respected provider of ABA therapy. We focus on improving social skills, communication, and reducing challenging behaviors with a dedication to compassionate, person-centered care. Circle City ABA will soon be an invaluable resource for families in Iowa serving areas such as Ankeny, Cedar Rapids, and Johnston.

Families living with autism in Iowa are not alone on their journey. Thanks to the dedication of these organizations, parents and caregivers have access to resources, support, and a strong sense of community. Whether you are seeking information or simply a supportive network, these organizations are there to lend a helping hand. Working together, we can create a more inclusive and understanding society for individuals with autism and their families in Iowa.

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Heather de Jong is an accomplished Marketing & Communications Manager known for her expertise in the I/DD field. With a deep passion for empowering individuals with disabilities, Heather leverages her expertise in marketing and communications to raise awareness about the importance of ABA therapy in improving the lives of children on the autism spectrum.

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